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Harry Potter: The Grand Wizard Of Symbolism

Harry Potter is one of the most popular series of books in history, as well as one of the most successful movie franchises of all time. There are even entire sections of Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios Florida that are dedicated to the World of Harry Potter. Chances are that if you grew up in the 90’s you have read at least one of the Harry Potter books and certainly seen at least one of the movies. Many people would agree that the best thing about the books and movies was how they were released in such a way … Continue reading Harry Potter: The Grand Wizard Of Symbolism

Technology In Fitness Is Not Going Away In 2018

The revolution of technology and fitness unofficial began with with the rise of the modern day smart phone. Being able to count steps throughout the day, record workouts, and in some cases measure anyone’s heart rate was and still is an amazing thing. In 2018, the revolution is more popular than ever. Many people shop for certain products that help them improve on a specific sport or a certain aspect of their workout. However, we will look at a few general workout tools to get the average consumer started. A Good Base The first three things you want when building … Continue reading Technology In Fitness Is Not Going Away In 2018

Why I Will Never Buy Another New Smartphone Again

I always love checking out the newest, shiniest, toys out on the market. Wheather it is a new phone or a new TV, the hype and the overall experience of buying something new is such a great feeling. At the same time of loving the latest and greatest electronics, I hate the idea of paying full price for a new car. I had these two belifs side by side for nearly a decade until I realized that buying a new phone (the newest phone from a manufacturer) is just as wasteful as buying a new car from the dealership. What … Continue reading Why I Will Never Buy Another New Smartphone Again

Camping With Tech: 4 Gadgets To Make Camping Better

Tree Tents Tree tents are an amazing solution for hikers and people who love to camp but do not love sleeping on the cold hard ground. These tents are also not as expensive as many of the premium tent brands. Tentsile is one of the top brands of tree tents, and most of their tents hover around $350. An inexpensive alternative is a simple Eno hammock with a overhead cover for around $100. Solar Powered Battery Pack In 2018, this piece of tech might be the most important, for both long and short camping trips. If someone wants to plug … Continue reading Camping With Tech: 4 Gadgets To Make Camping Better

Should You Buy The Google Pixel 2?

Pixel 2 & Pixel 2 XL                         $649-$749       $849-$949 The Good:  Overall, Google’s two new flagship smartphones are great. With an amazing AI (Google Assistant), a good screen and a industry best camera the Pixel 2 is sure to get the job done. This phone is also running the purest form of android’s latest operating system, 8.0 Oreo. The Bad:  There are missing features from these phones that may be a deal breaker for some. There is no wireless charging, no headphone jack, nearly the same design … Continue reading Should You Buy The Google Pixel 2?

5 Gadgets To Make Your Home Smarter

#5 Arlo Pro Security System – $299.99 Most people would not think of a 130 degree camera as a must have for a smart home setup but doing a simple task, such as making sure your package gets safely into your home when you’re away calls for a smart camera to make this possible. When UPS comes up to the door you will get a notification on your phone. By using the two way speaker system, you can tell the delivery person to drop off the package inside your house after you unlock the door with your smart lock. The Arlo Pro … Continue reading 5 Gadgets To Make Your Home Smarter

What Makes Apple & Google Different?

Apple is the most financially successful company in the history of business. They have had their ups and downs through their relatively short history but have ultimately came out on top. However, when you take a closer look at the company a few questions might run across your mind.  You may wonder how Apple have over $256B sitting in the bank when over half their current business is attributed to a single product, the iPhone. How does a company that relies so heavily on a single product somehow top the fortune 500 list year after year? The answers lies deep … Continue reading What Makes Apple & Google Different?

Road to Driverless Vehicles: 5 Levels

It seems like just about everything nowadays is automated. I wake up, say to my smart speaker, “Good morning.” It turns on my lights, makes me my cup of coffee and plays that song that gets me ready for the day all by itself. It really does seem like we are living in the future with our smartphones, smart TV’s and even smart refrigerators. The only thing that is missing out of our futurist lifestyle is the self driving cars we were promised in so many Hollywood classics. The idea of a car driving itself has been around for quite … Continue reading Road to Driverless Vehicles: 5 Levels

TV Streaming or TV Watching?

I was born in 1995 and grew up watching TV shows like Family Guy, The Sweet Life of Zack and Cody and anything on Nickelodeon. I remember even watching seven or eight hours of fear factor straight, on the Chiller Channel, in a single day, on the weekend. My family had Time Warner Cable, then Directv, and finally Dish Network. Now they just have “bunny ears”. I’m living on my own now, and I can promise that I will never have satellite or cable TV. At first I thought I was the one lone wolf going against the norm but … Continue reading TV Streaming or TV Watching?

Will Gasoline Vehicles Survive The Next Decade?

The history of fossil fuels, as well as natural gas, is a long and fascinating story. However, we will just state the obvious that using oil and gas to fuel our everyday lives has been the biggest business in the world for nearly 100 years. In recent years, a debate has been going on about the effects on the planet from CO2 that has been released in the atmosphere over this past century. Whether you are on team Prius or team Jeep, we can all agree that fossil fuels will eventually run out, which means we must find an alternative … Continue reading Will Gasoline Vehicles Survive The Next Decade?